raspberry lemonade cake


People are always impressed by this cake whenever I make it, but the truth is the bundt pan does all the work.  So do yourself a favour & get a really pretty pan.

1. Preheat your oven.  Spray your pan with non-stick spray & flour it.
2. I use a lemon cake mix & follow the directions on the box but then I add a box of lemon pudding powder at the end (this will make the cake moist).
3. Remove approximately 3 tablespoons of the lemon batter into another bowl & mix in a tablespoon of seedless raspberry jam.
4. Pour half of the yellow lemon batter into your bundt pan, then swirl the pink raspberry batter throughout (*careful not to touch the edges or bottom of the pan or your cake may stick).   Pour the rest of the lemon batter into the pan.
5.  Bake the cake according to directions on the box & let it cool.
6. When its cool enough, flip the cake out of the pan.
7.  Sprinkle icing sugar though a sifter over the top of the cake.
8. Make a runny icing using cream cheese, lemon juice, seedless raspberry jam & icing sugar.  Drizzle over the top of the cake.
9. Decorate with raspberries & mint leaves.

VARIATIONS:  I have done this same cake with passionfruit or blackberries so get creative.


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