This is the little free library I made.   Its located on the corner of West 5TH Ave & Trafalgar Street in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver BC.  I received a grant from the Vancouver Foundation who encouraged recipients to use recycled materials so I made it from wooden wine crates.  Most little free libraries are for books & mine is too but I also wanted mine to allow people to pass along anything they thought someone else might treasure.  I know if I was a kid, I would be checking it everyday for a toy.  I think it turned out well.  Some neighbours helped me install it.
LFL front doorLFL side view

LFL rearLFL crow on top

LFL ajarLFL empty

LFL door open fullAfter only 20 minutes of its installation it already had all this in it (before I even sent an announcement):

People got creative with the uses for the library.  One day I found a card thanking me for introducing the library to the neighbourhood.  That warmed my heart.  Another day I found a love letter.  And that meant that whoever this couple was, they had talked about the library together & the sender of the letter knew their loved one checked the box frequently…very sweet.
So far, the weirdest thing I found in the library was a wig.  I decided if it was still there in a week, I would throw it out; but the next time I checked, it was gone.  Someone keeps leaving lollipops, which I find a little creepy (in a Hansel & Gretel way).
The library opened on Oct. 31st/2013 & I was relieved when it made it through Halloween night intact.

LFL graffittiUnfortunately, after only 2 weeks it was vandalized.  Fortunately its on the inside of the door & the swear words were already blacked out by the time I found the graffiti.  I am considering painting over it with black chalkboard paint & leaving a piece of chalk so people can write their thoughts without doing permanent damage.

If you want to learn more about small neighbourhood grants check out their website at:



  1. This is so cool! I, too, can imagine a wee version of myself checking this every day. For that matter, if I lived in your neighbourhood, today’s 6″4 version of me probably would, too. 🙂

    This is an awesome creative offering that softens the edges of neighbourhood life. It’s shocking (and yet doesn’t surprise me) that an auto-hater vandalized it, but it’s nice that one of your fans blocked out (and repurposed) the message before you saw it.

  2. I love the neighbourhood library! I’ve seen a few of these around, but I like how you took it a step further. I’m sorry it was vandalized :(, but I think that is a great idea about the chalkboard paint. Looking forward to seeing other vmac creations!

  3. Hi, Vanessa, Very very cool. I love that people immediately started using it, and in creative and fun ways. Even the graffiti! Tom

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