xmas wreath

Xmas wreath


This wreath took some time to create, but I think the result was worth it.  Start with a wire wreath & then glue xmas balls of different sizes, textures & colours.  Use colours to match your own decor.  I used a silver tinsel garland to fill in the gaps.   The bow was a dollar store find.


lighted wreath

lighted white feather


This is similar to the feather wreath I made earlier, but this time I used a wire wreath.  First I strung the wreath with white string lights so that they would glow through the feathers.  Then I wrapped it with white feather boas.  This is the perfect wreath to hang in a window because it looks pretty from both sides. Be sure to use battery operated lights so you don’t have to worry about cords or plugs.

upgrade a boring door

Before   +   After
door beforedoor afterThis is an easy project.  If you are handy, you can custom make the mouldings yourself, or if you don’t have a saw/mitre box you can choose the easy route (like I did) & buy them ready-made from a hardware store.  They have different sizes to choose from.  I chose 3 rectangles & I used a product call “No Nails” to adhere them to the door & then painted.  I also changed the hardware on the door.  Ta-da!!!

door after PINKUPDATE:  I needed a quick pick-me-up so decided to paint my door again.  The initial inspiration to change my door the first time was because of the obnoxious hot pink colour that I inherited when I moved in; so I switched to a calming pale blue.  Now I’ve gone back to pink, but a much softer shade which doesn’t hurt the eyes.  Its such a big bang for your buck & it doesn’t take long at all to paint such a small area so I highly recommend this to people craving a change.  It makes me happy everytime I come home.