Welcome to my website which I started as a place to document the various projects I’ve done.  You will find posts about crafts, decor, funny stories, annoyances & things I find interesting.

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you enjoy.


Love & laughs,



  1. Wonderful blog! I love the lighted feather wreath and the angel wings on your door! I also love the ball wreath, too, lol. Looking forward to more interesting crafts from you!

  2. Love your domain name and your site! 🙂 Hope to see more pictures from the treasure chest :DDD

  3. Hey Vanessa,
    Cool blog! I liked your little book box in Kits My jaw dropped when I saw the address – before coming here I lived just a few blocks away for about 15 years. I’m sure your project will be thoroughly enjoyed by the surrounding neighborhood! I’ll continue to watch for your projects (I especially like what you did with your door).

    Bye for now,

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